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One of the most frightening things as an employer is the prospect of an employee, or soon to be ex-employee, leaking or selling company secrets to competitors. This can be done for financial gain or malicious intent.

Whatever the reason, the result can be devastating for a company, especially if there is no proof and the unauthorized disclosure is ongoing

Employees sometimes abuse the trust placed in them by using their device inappropriately both in and out of work time, by sending inappropriate emails from the work account, accessing various social media sites while ‘on the clock’, engaging in harassment and so on....

We can easily find out:

  • who the user of the handset has been communicating with
  • What methods of communication are being used
  • How long have they been in contact
  • Whether files were downloaded or sent​

We run bespoke keyword searches that can quickly identify security breaches of this nature. We provide Expert Witness Statements that are used in court to help secure convictions for this type of criminal behaviour 

​We can recover location based data to prove where an employee was on a given date, (or to prove where they were not)

When an employee works out of the office or from home, you don’t really know whether they are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing

There are so many positives to allowing your employees to have company mobile devices and businesses have never been so productive…… but also so vulnerable.

3EF are mobile device specialists in data recovery and digital forensics – there are many ways that we can help protect your business, it's data and help you manage inappropriate use of company mobile devices….

​We can ensure that all user data is fully and permanently deleted from the device. We use the same forensic software as the police and other Government agencies to test that, once we have done our thing, the data is truly gone

Reasons to be Fearful

Reasons to be Cheerful

An employee can wreak untold havoc on your business at the touch of a button, either accidentally or maliciously

When they have deleted vital information – we can recover it 

At upgrade time, phones are handed back to the provider. Even after a factory reset sensitive company data can be recovered. 

​Used handsets often find their way onto eBay or are shipped abroad where they fall in to the hands of criminal elements

​We are able to download and analyse the memory of the handset to find out  exactly what the handset was used for, and when. We can recover both live and deleted SMS, emails, web history, call logs, chat messages… You name it - If it happened on a phone, we can recover it for you

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