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CCTV Enhancement & Analysis

CCTV examinations are required more now than ever before, because of the increase in the amount of video evidence.

Approximately 5.9 million cameras are located within the UK. CCTV Cameras are situated on virtually every street corner, on public transport, outside many businesses premises and even fitted to many domestic properties.

3EF can enhance and analyse footage from within a period of interest utilising CCTV Forensics, from as many CCTV systems or cameras as possible and compile the relevant footage into a video presentation along with a report and statement.

Evidence of this nature is heavily relied upon in court but often needs enhancing to ensure that it is presented in the clearest possible way.

3EF has the ability to rebuild the video footage using CCTV Forensics specialist software and hardware and enables us to perform recovery techniques and ensures the footage stays true to its original form and any techniques used to enhance the evidence can be explained fully.

If required, 3EF have the ability to slow down and magnify CCTV footage, as well as providing on-screen annotations (highlighting, arrows, text etc). This can be of a huge benefit to clarify specific situations, for example what was the person holding in his/her hand. Slowing down the video and giving a frame by frame representations can be of huge benefit.

3EF can isolate single cameras from a Multi-Camera CCTV environment and export the results to DVD.

3EF also have a professional filming crew available to attend and film accident sites, reconstructions or locations where fire or flood damage has occurred.

This evidence along with Cell Site Analysis or Mobile Phone Forensics can help both prosecution and defence in establishing the true course of events in a case.

We work closely with defence solicitors and the business sector, and produce the results in a clear concise easy to follow way.

3EF our forensics department recover evidence, process this data  and analyse the data, whilst at all times maintaining a strict chain of custody to ensure that the evidence is preserved in its original form and therefore admissible in a court of law.