Cell site analysis is used to identify the cells or cell towers that a mobile phone is likely to connect to, based on a number of factors. When compared to call data records, this discipline can be used to determine whether a handset (and, by inference, the user of the handset) was in a given location at a given time. It can equally be used to determine that a handset was NOT in a given location at a given time.

Cell site analysis can assist in the following:

  • Attributing contact between parties.
  • Showing the proximity of a person in relation to a scene of crime.
  • Supporting the attribution of an association of a mobile number to a person.
  • Supporting the attribution of an association of a mobile number to a specific address.
  • Showing patterns of movement between areas or a specific route.
  • Showing if a number of people were in close proximity together.

The prosecution are fond of inferring that the defendant was at the scene of a crime, based on Cell Site Analysis. We are often able to show the court that the defendant could also have been in a number of other places, as the serving cell covered a large geographical area.

3EF conduct cell site drive surveys using the most up to date surveying equipment that is available. This ensures that we are able to determine with great accuracy the extent to which any given cell serves an area, and which cells are available to serve.

Cell site analysis is a complex and ever changing discipline and its fundamental objective is the ability to reconstruct the physical movement of a mobile telephone, or any other telecommunication device.

Cell site analysis is heavily relied upon in criminal court today but often can be confusing to the layman and needs to be presented in the clearest possible manner.

Covering all frequencies and networks. Forensic examinations are able scan all networks simultaneously and record this data, we cover 2g 3g and 4g.

From the information that is gathered by cell site analysis is used to produce a comprehensive report utilising bespoke applications, we are able to provide a comprehensive visual of areas covered, and points of interest. Survey information including signal strength, maps in many formats, aerial photography, os ranges, and exporting to google earth can also be applied.

Cell site analysis in conjunction with call data record analysis and the ability to conduct mobile forensic investigation upon the device itself, can also benefit the investigation.

Cell Site Analysis


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