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We know that, as a solicitor or barrister, you'll want to know the answers to these simple questions before you instruct an Expert as part of your case:

1. Is the evidence I'm hoping for possible to recover?

2. Are they qualified and do they know what they are talking about?

3. Am I, the judge and the jury going to be able to easily understand the Witness Statement they provide?

4. Is the Expert going to be available to answer any questions I may have after the Witness Statement is delivered?

5. Can the Expert confidently and clearly deliver their findings in court, if required?

Let us put your mind at rest...

1. We give free advice to let you know what is and isn't achievable, based on your specific case and the available evidence 

2. All of our Experts hold Digital Forensics Degrees - Our Digital Forensics Laboratory is among the best equipped in the UK and our Experts are very well trained. We have years of experience and have dealt with hundreds of cases for both defence and prosecution. 

3. Many 'Experts' provide a mountain of data that, unless you have a Digital Forensics Degree, means very little. If you don't understand it, it's likely that the Judge won't, and neither will the jury, making it a useless exercise.

We are different. Yes, there's a need for technical data and detailed explanations of some points, but we summarise the points of interest in plain English that the whole courtroom will easily understand. 

4. For us, the job isn't complete until the verdict is delivered in court. We will answer any and all questions as they arise. 

We are always on hand to provide assistance throughout the process and, importantly, we're a friendly, approachable team.

5. All of our Forensic Analysts have appeared in court on many occasions and we are more than happy to stand behind the findings in our Witness Statements in court as and when required. 

Why Use 3EF?

We have invested heavily in a state of the art Digital Forensics Examination Laboratory that is bristling with the very best hardware and software available today. We use these tools to extract the maximum amount of data from the maximum number of devices.

Our solutions include the most widely used, forensically sound solutions used by law enforcement and the military- and some that they don't, or cannot implement, due to lack of training and/or resources, such as JTAG, Chip-off and I-SP. These advanced methods allow us access to the data on devices others  cannot reach - For example PIN locked BlackBerrys, phones that are inoperable due to by water exposure or severe physical damage and computer hard drives that are non-working.

We don't operate in a 'sausage factory' environment, processing mobile phones by clicking the 'GET EVIDENCE' button on the forensic software, then churning out a copy/pasted Witness Statement based on a generated report. (We love going up against companies (or High-Tech Crime Units) that do, however!). We are able to delve much deeper into the data than most, and when we are presented with an anomaly or something that doesn't add up, we research and run exhaustive tests on control devices until we are satisfied. 

In fact, we carry out work for forensic companies and major police forces nationwide who haven't got the abilities we have. There's a good chance that we've already carried out work for your firm of solicitors, but in another company's name. 

Try us. We are confident that, once you have, you'll never use another Digital Forensics company.

We go the extra mile:

We appreciate that your client may not wish to be parted from their beloved mobile phone for weeks or months at a time, so we offer the following services to make the collection of data a less inconvenient experience-

We will collect handsets from either the office of the instructing solicitor, or from the home of the client
In the event that the handset has been seized by the police, we will attend the police station to analyse the phone on location
We will deliver the handset back to the solicitor's office or to the client
We will provide the relevant data on a clear, easy to read S9 Witness Statement
We have very fast turnaround times to minimise disruption 

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3ef mobile phone forensics examinations - From enquiry to verdict, a seamless, easy process for all concerned...