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Why outsource?

Building and maintaining a world-class mobile phone examination laboratory costs tens of thousands of pounds - Believe us, we know. Factor in the ongoing cost of software licences, training and the never-ending need for additional replacement parts / adapters / consumables etc and being able to stand toe-to-toe with business competitors and the opposition in court is simply not financially viable for some companies. 

Many forensics companies are, first and foremost, computer forensics companies and the two disciplines couldn't be more different in terms of hardware, software, tools, techniques and skills required. This is why we work with multiple forensic companies from around the world to allow them to provide first class examinations of even the most challenging devices.

Why use 3EF for your mobile phone forensic examinations?

We work closely with yourselves to provide a seamless service for you and your clients. The benefits of working with us include:

  • If you are able to interpret the data recoverable from a mobile phone or other mobile device but don't have the physical capabilities to dump the data yourselves, we provide:
    • Physical dump in required format
    • Generated reports in required format (PDF, Excel, Word etc) (All generated reports will feature YOUR company name; there will be no mention of 3EF Ltd at all)
  • If you would prefer us to complete the examination, analysis and Witness Statement (MG11 or S9) from start to finish - No problem. We can do that too. (All documentation, generated reports and Witness Statements will feature YOUR company name; there will be no mention of 3EF Ltd at all)
  • Fixed prices for the above - You can confidently quote knowing our prices will not change.
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Regular updates
  • We will liaise with solicitors / police forces under your name
  • We perform off-site examinations at police forces nationwide

What makes us better than anyone else?

Quite simply, we have a better equipped  mobile phone forensic laboratory than any other forensic company that we are aware of. We are constantly investing in new technologies, techniques and training to enable us to extract more data from more devices than anyone else. 

We are able to extract from:

  • Literally tens of thousands of different mobile devices
  • PIN locked, password locked and pattern locked Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and feature phones
  • Non-working Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and feature phones
  • Physically damaged Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows and feature phones
  • Devices unsupported by forensic hardware / software

We are able, in many cases, to parse more data from handset dumps than is possible using some of the most widely-used forensic softwares, especially in the case of chip-off / JTAG / I-SP dumps.

Chip-off Explained

JTAG Explained

I-SP Explained

we provide whatever level of work your companyrequires - from phone data dump to full examination, analysis & S9 / MG11 Witness statement