what is i-sp?

Once the connection points have been located, the process of interfacing with them requires skilled, precision soldering, performed under a powerful microscope, often using wires no thicker than a human hair. Understandably, there are very few companies in the UK that are capable of this type of examination.

The soldering completed, our specialist hardware and software solution is able to download the full contents of the mobile phone's memory chip as a binary file, from which all available data is parsed, including SMS, call logs, chats, photographs and so on.

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The process of finding the connection points is a painstaking one which involves testing individual components one by one - Given that there are literally hundreds of capacitors, resistors and other components on any given handset, many too small or closely placed to be easily seen with the human eye, this is no easy task.

I-SP stands for 'In-System Programming' and is a method of extracting data from mobile devices which are unsupported by forensic tools and JTAG. 


The connections of a BGA (Ball Grid Array) component are impossible to access once the component has been placed onto the motherboard of the device. Each connection 'resurfaces' somewhere on the motherboard however, as it links to a different component on the motherboard. We are able to locate the points at which these connections resurface and connect to them using specialist hardware and software, enabling us to download the full contents of the flash memory chip.