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What is jtag?

We use those same JTAG test points to access the full flash memory of the handset, allowing us to download the raw data from which we extract SMS messages, call logs, photographs and so on.

JTAG (which stands for 'Joint Test Action Group') is the process of connecting to test pints on a handset's motherboard in order to be able to download the phone's internal memory.

JTAG test points are used by the manufacturer of the handset to be able to test functionality of the phone without needing to fully dismantle it and/or remove components. This is especially useful because most mobile phones use BGA (Ball Grid Array) components. When BGA components are soldered in place on the motherboard of a mobile phone, it becomes impossible to access the connections underneath, ad so JTAG connections are te only method of accessing the components for testing purposes.