If you're a Law Enforcement Officer reading this page then it's likely that:

  1. You have a difficult handset that your High-Tech Crime Unit has not been able to extract data from
  2. You have a handset that can't wait and needs to be examined yesterday
  3. You have a huge backlog that you need expert help with

We can help with any (or all) of the above.

Regarding number one - We regularly extract data (or more data) from handsets that HTCUs have had problems with including:

  • PIN locked iPhones / iPads  
  • PIN / Password / Pattern Locked Android handsets / tablets
  • PIN / Password locked BlackBerry handsets / tablets
  • PIN / Password locked Windows phones
  • Handsets unsupported by forensic hardware / software for logical, file system and/or physical downloads
  • Physically damaged or non-working handsets
  • Water damaged handsets

We carry out LE work for lots of forensic companies nationwide, so it's likely that we've already helped you, albeit under a different company name. 

Regarding number two - We are able to offer very fast turnaround times. We know that the best time for an investigation to take place is now, not in two to three months time when the overworked and understaffed HTCU gets to your handset. Jump the queue and let us take care of it for you. Generally speaking, you can expect the data in your hand within three days - often much sooner.

Data is provided in your preferred format, enabling you to quickly and easily extract the data pertinent to your case.

Regarding number three - We are able to offer a number of solutions to this never-ending problem (that's only ever going to grow):

  • We can triage handsets to determine whether there is evidence pertinent to the case present, allowing you to quickly discount handsets with no value and concentrate on those that will assist your case
  • We can provide a dump & generated report service, providing all of the available data for your officers to analyse
  • We can provide a full investigative service, with MG11 Witness Statement and Expert Witness Services
  • We will tailor our services to your requirements - Just ask

We maintain a cutting-edge, specialist Mobile Phone Forensic Laboratory that enables us to reach the parts other labs can't. We are proficient in the latest techniques including JTAG, In-System Programming and Chip-off.


  • We will securely collect handsets from your custody, then return them once processed
  • All of our Forensic Team hold NPPV-3 Security Clearance
  • Our premises are physically secure
  • Our processes all adhere to the ACPO guidelines
  • All data is kept secure at all times
  • All of our services are fixed fee  - No hidden charges

We boast a purpose built, fully stocked mobile phone examination laboratory, replete with the latest Forensic software along with advanced equipment and expertise in JTAG and Chip-off
We are able to extract data from the most stubborn phones, including PIN locked iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones, unsupported handsets such as Chinese knock-offs, and damaged and non-working handsets, including water damaged phones


Tel: 0161 241 9458

Tel: 020 7096 1125

​Email: enquiries@3ef.co.uk

we specialise in extracting data from the most challenging handsets - quickly. Need help, fast? contact us today.